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July 26, 2012 / Jeff d.

It wasn’t Twitter that convinced me!

Today as I was rifling through papers in my home office, I stumbled upon a note I had written to my wife dated March 11, 2010.  Yep, apparently I used to write my wife letters – this was pre-texting (we were late adopters).  In this letter was revealed an opinion I had on standardized testing.  The interesting thing: I had no idea that I held this opinion in my pre-Twitter days!

I’ve said before that Twitter has given me far more “professional development” than I could get nearly anywhere else.  But I’ve also worried that I follow too many of the same kinds of people and read too many of the same kinds of articles – that it is a form of echo chamber for me.  I’ve always tried to get my information from balanced sources, but that’s not easy to do with Twitter where there is a natural tendency to follow like-minded folks.

With that in mind, I could have sworn that my anti-standardized testing opinion originated through Twitter, not before it.  I won’t get into my opinion itself, because that’s not the point – see Joe Bower or Diane Ravitch or Alfie Kohn for that kind of thing.  All I will say is I believe there are far better ways to assess learning.  It’s just good to know that my opinions can actually be my own…though obviously solidified through my Twitter echo chamber.  How do you use Twitter – are you able to find balance?  Do you try?


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