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February 18, 2013 / Jeff d.

Random Problem Idea: The Giant Bat & The Diamond Building

I just remembered that the main reason I created this blog was to post problems that I had been working on or thinking about…but apparently I forgot about that.  So, finally, here is a new problem.

This was from last year and, because it’s very recognizable, I have decided not to use it again this year (I have a completely revamped problem ready to go, but don’t want to share too early…).

The problem was their introduction to right-triangle trig.  The problem consisted of two documents.  The first poses the problem, the second was created after the learners generated their need-to-knows.  Of course, this is just the problem…the rest of the scaffolding, practice, protocols, etc. is not included because, well, that would mean I’d have to kill this blog because it’d take me too long to post.

First document: the problem scenario.

Second document: more information. (please excuse the stick man).


UPDATE April 12, 2013: Here is what I did this year instead…same idea, different picture.  I liked it better.

First document: the problem scenario.

Second document: more information.


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  1. Emma Vierheller / Feb 8 2014 3:55 pm

    I know its been ages since you’ve posted it, but if you have any other resources with the Giant Bat you would like to send (practice, protocols, etc) to a struggling new teacher, my email is I love this as an introduction before I start into trigonometry!

    • Jeff d. / Feb 14 2014 2:49 pm

      Looking back through my stuff, I don’t really have any resources…the only thing I have is some generic practice. Sorry.


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